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Share a web page through video.

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Create a video from any web page without leaving your browser by using our unique Chrome extension.
Create a video
It's free to create unlimited videos for 15 days. No watermark. No card details.

​ £5 per month subscription post free trial. Cancel any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is video better?

We see people work hard to create content or a product they love, but they don't get the exposure they need on social media. A story told via video will autoplay in the feed. It can capture and engage your audience more effectively. Consumers are always in a hurry. Show the best bits. Tell them what they really need to know visually. It saves them time and if they like it, they'll engage with your brand.

Who is it for?

Marketing professionals, content marketeers, designers, startups and charities are just a few that stand out. You want to create a video but usually don't have the time or skills. You want to share your story or product in a way that gives meaningful engagement. You don't want to rely on fancy templates, effects or video editing software. You use your creativity and content to stand out.

What is Video Trailer?

It's a Chrome browser extension (or app) that allows you to create a video from any web page. Drag any picture or gif to a video frame. Type some creative text. Our tech optimises your content in a video for sharing on Twitter and Facebook to grab your audience’s attention and drive engagement.

Who made this?

We're a small team based in London, UK researching online content. We are entrepreneurs, working together on things we are passionate about. This is our latest attempt to create a technology to support the next move for content online: optimised, simple video creation and sharing.

How much does it cost?

Video Trailer is completely free for the first 15 days of trial. No watermark or card details needed. If you like it after 15 days too, then we charge £5 per month for unlimited videos.

Any more questions?

Click the chat button in the bottom-right of this page. We're online and ready to help right now. You can also email us at ripul​ with any questions or feedback.